Application Requirements

Thank you for considering Oz Property Management as your potential future landlord

Average processing time for applicants whom have supplied everything required in a timely fashion is 48 hours 

Please ensure all references listed are aware we will be contacting them and that consent has been given

A viable form of communication is required to ensure processing of your application: ie: phone number, email address 

If you haven't submitted an application yet or if you already have here is a list of what we require from you in order to complete your application: 

1. Rental references - We require two landlord references from both the main and co applicant. These landlord references must be the most current and the most previous landlord references

2. Work references - We require a work reference from both the main and co applicant as well as the place of employment and your position within the company

3. If you and / or the co applicant do not have two landlord references we require a landlord reference and a work reference from the main and co applicant 

4. Income verification - We require the most recent months paystubs / benefit statements from both the main and co applicant. If you receive multiple forms of income ie: work, child tax, rental supplement etc ... please provide us with verification of each amount

5. If you have pet(s) the type of pet as well as the approx. weight must be provided

6. If you have children please provide the number of children that will be residing in said property along with their ages