For Owners

  • Advertise your suites on the most powerful platforms using the most powerful ad copy to attract your ideal tenants
  • Perform thorough screening of tenants in a legal ethical way and sign leases
  • Maintain frequent communication with the tenants to ensure that their needs are satisfied
  • Collect rent and utilize a trust account for full transparency with clear paper trail
  • Adhere to a proactive maintenance scheduale to keep property in a rentable condition long term
  • Compliance with The Residential Tenancies Act including ORT-Rentalsman hearings
  • Provide simple statements of cash flow that follow the chunka theory. A chunka coming in should be bigger than the chunka going out. " Chunka Theory "
  • Uphold the standards of the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission
  • Fully insured and bondable
  • All that for just a simple 9%

Why Choose Oz For Your Property Management Needs

Do you manage your own properties? If you have or do, you know that it can quickly turn into a full time job, especially if you want to stay on top of maintenance.

You want to keep your customers happy but you cringe when you see your tenant’s number show up on your phone because you know it’s usually not to have a friendly chat…

Think clogged drain, door wont shut, or there is no hot water. Most investors and property owners have told us…

“Those phone calls have me on edge at all times and it eats into my mental bandwidth each day, worried that today I might have to put my plans on hold to fix something”.

Even if you’re a handy person, these are activities that cut into your daily routine.This is time you could be spending looking for new income properties, furthering your existing career or business, or getting in some much needed down time with the family.

Worst yet…

If you end up getting a bad tenant, you feel like it’s game over. We don’t blame you, the laws surrounding the Tenancies Act is lengthy and full of legal jargon that can feel like reading a different language.

We understand.

We are investors just like you. It has taken us years to perfect the process of art and science of renting residential properties in Regina , SK and southern Saskatchewan.

This is a system we believe is better than any other property manager’s system in the whole city. Let’s explore why…

Do You Like Your Current Property Manager?

You don’t have too…You likely put a lot of time and money into purchasing your property thinking it was going to solve some of your problems, not cause more.

From the hundreds of conversations we have had with our clients and fellow investors, we have heard nearly all the stories.  

We’re here to tell you you don’t have to like your manager. In fact, your allowed to hate them.

It’s your ass-ets on the line. Don’t settle for mediocre results.

Tell me if any of these feel familiar…

…When you receive your monthly cash flow statement you can’t help but go “what the…” scratch your head and wonder, where did my money actually go and what are all these charges actually for?

…You feel as though an effort to understand your property, it’s surroundings and what it has to offer is never taken into account, and it’s “just another property” in their database

…They think that lowering rent and giving free utilities away is “effective” marketing

…You are charged fees even when the property is vacant, which is usually months since they don’t know how to market and advertise properly

…Potential tenants have told you the showing agents are late, rude, or were not helpful with understanding the property

…You feel like they never truly treat your property as one of their own assets and it’s always last to receive any attention

…Regular inspections are not performed, even when they said they would in the agreement

…Repairs are done very poorly or not at all

…Your Rent is never deposited on time and you feel like your always one month behind, chasing the manager for a consistent rent payment

…You constantly feel on edge from mentaly trying to juggle the things that need to get done or need to be followed up with to keep your property going

…After you’ve gotten frustrated and go to call them, it’s difficult to track anyone down that knows anything about your property

…When you do finally talk to someone, there is never any accountability or ownership of issues, but they sure do like to make excuses and pass the buck

…You’re stressed out and feel like the only option might be to grind it out and suffer or admit defeat and sell at a possible loss

Does this sound familiar?

We don’t share this to smear/bash/hate on our competitors. We share this because we wan’t to make it clear that…

…It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

We see things differently.

At Oz Property Management we are property owners first, managers second.

Our story began back in 1998 when we personally became investors ourselves.We have spent many years perfecting our craft of renting out our single family homes and apartment buildings.

We’ve gone to seminars and training events and read books on the topic. But nothing quite teaches you like having real hard money in the game.

And what we learned was…

Too many managers these days are overloaded with complex procedures and softwares which is why they seem to fail serving you and doing your properties any good.

Property management at it’s core is about people. And once we stripped our business back to just that, things got much easier and funner to manage for us and our clients.

What To Expect Working With Oz

We understand what it’s like to be an investor. We want to ensure you have the best possible experience with real estate and do what we can to ensure your success.

Some things you can expect while working with us:

  • We understand you have mortgages, taxes, insurance and other financial obligations to meet every month on time. We’ll never put you in a position where you have to chase or remind us to deposit rent into your bank account

  • You will fall in love with our monthly cash flow statements and invoices. You can clearly and easily see details without it being confusing. We use the chunka method – chunka going in, chunka going out. Your accountant and book keeper will love you.

  • We have managed or owned property in every corner of Regina and throughout southern Saskatchewan. We know our market thoroughly and understand that proper marketing and advertising is the foundation to getting your long term respectful tenants.

  • Since our success is predicated on your success, we will do our best to reduce vacancy and churn rates and boost your cash flow.

  • Your property will always be shown to potential tenants in a non salesy but helpful manner that increases the rate which it rents.

  • We flick the switch on maintenance from “a red choppy setting” to a nice “Solid Green Automatic setting”

  • If we ever have an issue or make a mistake we will accept full ownership of it, no excuses.

  • Reduced churn and vacancy

  • Your calls will be answered by a real heart warming human being that cares about your properties and is willing to serve you 99% of the time. If you want 100% of the time we suggest hiring a robot 

How We Think This Will Make You Feel

No question, we know that reading the points above probably felt like a weight lifting from your shoulders. You can now finally breathe a sigh of relief and get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for when it comes to managing your properties.

You focus on what is most important to you whether it be your family, career, or getting more properties and we’ll focus on making wealth building a stress free decision. 

Ready To Get Started?

We don’t just accept anyone. We like to setup a quick phone call or face to face meeting to get to know one another and determine if we’re a good fit. We only work with residential properties, not commercial. You can setup a meeting by giving us a call or submiting the form below.