Our Pet Policy

We offer both pet friendly and non pet friendly rental properties. 

In all property details it is said whether the property is either pet friendly, not pet friendly, or pets considered. 

Pet friendly - 

When a property is pet friendly there is a $200 non refundable pet deposit that is charged, sometimes the non refundable deposit that is charged can be more than $200 depending on the number of pets to reside in rental property. 

There is also a monthly pet fee that is charged ontop of the rental amount per pet, the amount charged is dependant on the type of animal as well as the size of the animal. The monthly charge will either be in the amount of $25/month or $35/month. 

Pets considered - 

When a property is pets considered this means that this property is open to the idea of pets depending on the potential tenant's application, type, size, etc.

Non pet friendly - 

No pets are permitted to reside in the rental property

Pet Policy